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Thoughts on WoW addiction

I posted this as a comment on Kotaku, but I figured I’d keep it here as well:

I can’t stand people who complain about WoW ruining their lives. All that does is prove that they are weak human beings who don’t know how to manage time or are too easy to fall into addiction.

I played WoW through college, and I let it be majority of my life. All my friends played it, and I played with them, and I was happy with it. I still had a great GPA and exercised frequently, because I have this thing called self-discipline that apparently most parents don’t teach their kids anymore.

When I got my first job I quit for a year to focus on work. I picked it up again in August and started playing again after I went to Blizzcon, because I had forgotten how many friends I had made, and now it is fun reuniting with them for some of the best content and immersion I’ve ever seen in any game.

Yet I can still put the game down when I know I need to make sure my life doesn’t get utterly destroyed. Apparently some people don’t know how to do that, so instead they say BLIZZARD IS EVIL and WOW WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Wrong. You are ruining your life, for letting a game become top priority. How can you blame Blizzard for making too good of a game? Yet you turn this “good” into “addiction” and “addiction” must be bad!

WoW does not kill you. Cigarettes and alcohol don’t kill you. It’s how much of it you allow yourself to use it that kills you. You can’t blame inanimate objects, it’s the human interaction that seals the deal. Learn self-discipline, fight addiction, and quit blaming everyone else for your problems.

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We are surrounded by complete morons

Found this on some list on AOL News about “Ads people bitched about” or something:

Dunkin Donuts

The ad: Rachael Ray drinks a Dunkin Donuts Cool Latte in a brief online ad. She is wearing a black-and-white fringed paisley scarf.
The complaint: Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin likens the scarf to the keffiyeh, a traditional Muslim headdress worn by some Palestinian extremists, calling Ray to task for promoting terrorism.
The verdict: While the paisley scarf was not a keffiyeh, and in fact was chosen by Ray’s stylist, Dunkin Donuts pulls the ad.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Some idiot really believes that Rachael Ray, some cooking show whiney bitch-ass mom, is planning on running into a crowd of people strapped to a bomb? Better yet, PROMOTING others to do so?

I swear the world gets stupider every day, and these idiots love attention.

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