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Sonic Unleashed!

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I watched this video:

Oh man oh man oh man, the real Sonic might just be back!

Exciting times.

Update: It is official.


Army of Two

Tyce and Salem I know a lot of people would beg to differ, but as far as my opinion is concerned, Army of Two is a pretty fun game. It’s lacking in a few places, especially the multiplayer, but I played through the campaign a couple times, with and without a friend in co-op, and I enjoyed majority of it. By no means would I ever compare it to Gears of War in overall excellence, but it did have some features that I found pretty sweet (bro).
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Team Fortress 2

The Group Ah, Team Fortress 2. Every time I play it, I get brought back to the day in high school when my dad got a cable modem, and I began my true gaming career. Half-life graphics, ridiculous models, redone models that were tossed aside because people liked the ridiculous models. They were good times. The moment TF2 was announced, I bought and started making a site. Then I realized I didn’t have the time or determination to make the site, and it died quickly. I didn’t think much about it until they announced beta can be played if you pre-order The Orange Box. Granted I already owned half the games in that package, I didn’t care and bought it anyway. The beta didn’t run, at all, on my nVidia card. I was furious. Luckily when the real game came out, I had no issues. Needless to say, it’s a blast from the past and is kicking ass again.

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Puzzle Quest

Random Screenshot Being that I just played it last night, I figured I’d start this site off with the addictive puzzle/RPG-ish game Puzzle Quest. I own it on both the Xbox360 and the DS, and it is the best time-killer, either at home or on the go. Every time I am like “Should I play Puzzle Quest? Nah, I don’t feel like it” it is a complete lie, because when I finally do decide to say “Yeah, let’s play,” I never regret it (no matter how much I yell at the TV because of it).

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