Life with Games

What would life be without them?


Welcome to Life with Games.  This is sort of a blog for me, although I don’t often complain in comparison to, say, LiveJournal members.  I mainly decided that I wanted a place to post my thoughts on the games I play in my life.  I am a web developer by day, gamer by night.  I don’t sit around getting greasy playing video games every waking moment of my life, but they are my passion and are one of the few things that do get me excited.  I also lead a pretty social life besides work and games.

I have been playing games since my first NES in 1990, followed by Lucasarts adventure games on the PC.  I am by no means a hardcore or professional gamer.  I do get angry when I constantly lose, but I do not force myself to train at “twitching” better or anything ridiculous.  I like to read up on games, I like to play them, and I like to have fun.

Maybe some of you will find what I have to say amusing, or interesting.  Or maybe you won’t.  Doesn’t matter to me.  Sometimes I just feel passionate about a game so I have to talk about it, or sometimes I hate a game so much that I just want to verbally express my disapproval.

Who knows.

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