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Brutal Legend!!!!! Published by EA?

Tim and Double Fine take a long time to get a game out the door, but that’s because endless care and love are put into every one… and because no one wants to take the risk of a DF IP.  After Majesco performed horribly when it came to marketing Psychonauts, no one trusted that a DF game could sell, including the new axis of evil Activision Blizzard (I’m sorry you merged with them Blizz).  But now that AB has surpassed EA, EA has been making some decisions that are definitely favoring the fan over the concern of selling a billion copies, but also in hopes that they will sell a billion copies.

Psychonauts was still a high ranking game as far as reviews were concerned, and if marketed properly, could have sold way better than it did.  Now that Brutal Legend is in the spotlight because of the publisher hunt, plus being advertised with Jack Black’s name attached, it should sell significantly better.  It will also, without a doubt, be an incredible game.

I still have my Gamestop preorder bonus T-Shirt from preordering the game in November 2007.  First 666 people got one!  I was worried I’d own a shirt for a game that never came out, but no worries now.  As odd as this may sound, thank you EA.  You have proven yourself to be a kinder god, as if there had been a gaming Vatican II.

Now, Activision Blizzard, calm yourself down.  Guitar Hero has peaked and too many Call of Duty games will ruin the franchise.  Let the Blizzard side of the company take over for a little bit, to develop and/or publish some real quality games.

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