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What would life be without them?

We are surrounded by complete morons

Found this on some list on AOL News about “Ads people bitched about” or something:

Dunkin Donuts

The ad: Rachael Ray drinks a Dunkin Donuts Cool Latte in a brief online ad. She is wearing a black-and-white fringed paisley scarf.
The complaint: Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin likens the scarf to the keffiyeh, a traditional Muslim headdress worn by some Palestinian extremists, calling Ray to task for promoting terrorism.
The verdict: While the paisley scarf was not a keffiyeh, and in fact was chosen by Ray’s stylist, Dunkin Donuts pulls the ad.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Some idiot really believes that Rachael Ray, some cooking show whiney bitch-ass mom, is planning on running into a crowd of people strapped to a bomb? Better yet, PROMOTING others to do so?

I swear the world gets stupider every day, and these idiots love attention.

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