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Working in New York City

This week I have to work at a client’s office in NYC for a couple of days.  My first work day in the city is almost over, and I have mixed feelings about it.

For starters, once I am sitting down and working, it is no different than anywhere else.  The ability to work is of no concern and does not change much.  The experience of getting here, going to lunch, and going home are the main concerns of the city.

Before I continue, I’d like to point out that living in the city is completely out of the question.  This is not my lifestyle and I am not one to go out and enjoy the city night life.  Living here is completely out of the question.  I don’t know, I just don’t feel like I fit in the city whatsoever.  It is nice to come into the city once in a while to see some things, but I would not feel comfortable being here every day of my life.  I am a much bigger fan of the suburbs, and calmness.  Not the noise and bustle of the city.  It works for some people, but not for me.  Maybe it’s just because I was raised in the suburbs.  That leads me to the main issue with working in the city: the commute.

I don’t mind trains, I just do not want to have to catch one at 7:30AM to make it to work on time.  Not to say I am not a morning person, I can handle staying up past midnight and then getting up at 7AM every day if I needed to.  I like having a car because I have control of my situation.  If there’s an emergency and I don’t have a car, it would suck.  Plus I can leave whenever I want.  There’s no way I could drive into this city every morning though.  That would be horrible.  So, once I spend an hour and a half commuting to work, I am exhausted, but it is just the beginning of the day.  Now I know why people love coffee here.

Lunch, on the other hand, can be awesome.  There are tons of places within walking distance, which is great for all seasons but winter.  Moving from the office to the car to the place we eat to the car to the office leaves very little time outdoors during good weather.  Getting a chance to stretch your legs and walk off lunch definitely has its advantages.

I am assuming going home will be worse than coming to work.  I did not have to get here at 9AM because they told me to get here at 10, so my commute to work wasn’t loaded with a bunch of people.  Going home could be a stampede for all I know.

I think the commute is the dealbreaker for me.  I just do not want to do it, by car or train.  I’d prefer not to lose those 3+ hours of the free time I have to the ride to work and back, and I am lucky I have been blessed with an education and the ability to choose not to live that way.

Update: Yup, the commute home is definitely worse.  I don’t plan on ever doing that 5 times a week.

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